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Computer studies Form 4 End of term exams with marking schemes

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Learn Computer studies from this Website

This site is dedicated to Giving Computer studies materials for free, Below you will get computer studies notes suited for beginners, intermediate levels and advanced or expert level. There are also guides to how to come up with computer projects in Certificate levels, Diploma levels and Degree levels as far as Computer Studies is concern.

Form 1 Computer studies notes

In form one we tackle introduction to computers, Computer systems and the operating systems basics, Get the notes below :-

Form two Computer studies notes

In Form two level we handle Word processing using Microsoft Word , Spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel , Databases using Microsoft Access, Desktop publishing using Microsoft Publisher , Data Security and internet and emails.

Form three Computer studies notes

In Form three level we learn Data representation in digital computers, Data processing, Elementary programming principles and System development.

Form 4 Computer studies notes

In Form four level, We get Introductions to Networking and data communication, Impacts of ICT , Application areas of ICT and Careers in ICT.

TIVET Project Guide lines materials

TIVET means the Technical Industrial Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training program within the Ministry of Science and Technology, in TIVET we offer computer projects which follow certain guidelines as stipulated below.

Degree/ Diploma/ Masters project ideas - Titles for projects Computer

For you to qualify for the award of a degree in computer related course you must tackle a project or thesis of which should be related to computer field of study. The following is a list of presentations with several titles you can tackle in your computer related projects.

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