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Movers Transport Database and Documentation



Boda Boda means Motorcycle or moto bike Taxi business, The system focuses on capturing monthly contributions and other payments that a taxi group of members can contribute for their wellbeing and probably get or give loans to each other from the kitty.


Mwanzo Baraka organisation is a self help group intended to improve the economic status of its members through pooling of financial resources. The organisation sustains itself through registration fees of its members, monthly contributions, interest accrued through loans given to members, and penalties for delayed payments. The members benefit by getting cheap loans from the organisation. Membership to the organisation is by registration. There are two types of membership; individual  and group. Group membership constitutes two or more individuals who have common interests. An individual member pays a registration fee of Kshs. 2,000 while a group pays Kshs. 5,000. During the registration of individuals, personal details are captured. When registering a group, details of the group and those of its individual members are captured. An individual member contributes a monthly share of not less than Kshs. 1,000 to the organisation. For those registered under a group, each member contributes a monthly share of not less than Kshs. 1,000 where Kshs. 200 is the group share contribution by the member. All monthly contributions are treated
as shares for the contributor and attract annual dividends. Members can borrow loans from the organisation based on their total shares. Members registered as individuals can be loaned up to three times their share contribution. The repayment period does not exceed three years and the loan attracts interest at a rate of 1.2% per month on the principal amount borrowed. Members registered under a group can be loaned up to four times their individual share contribution. The repayment period does not exceed four years and the loan attracts an interest at a rate of 1% per month on the principal amount borrowed. A group can also get a group loan, amounting to three times the group’s total share contribution which attracts interest at a rate of 0.8% per month payable within five years. All payments to the organisation are monthly and must be made by the last
day of the month. Any defaulted payments are penalised at a rate of 10% per month. Every end of the year, the organisation determines the total interest charged on all loans and total penalties on defaulted amounts. 60% of this amount is paid as dividends to the shareholders each getting
an amount proportional to their total share contributions. The balance is retained to run the organisation.


Kabumbu Football League (KFL) is a secondary school organisation charged with managing all the inter-school football competitions in a county. There are a total of 14 schools which have enrolled their teams and new schools are required to register in order to present their teams. Registration fee for a team is Ksh.50,000 per year. Each school can only register one team. A team presented comprises of 18 student players and a coach who is a teacher in the school where the team belongs. At the beginning of every football game season, each school is required to furnish KFL management with the team’s details. All football matches between schools in the county are scheduled for term one of every year.

 The game is played in a league basis, where each team is paired with every other team. Each pair of teams plays two matches; home and away (one match in each of the schools in the pair). The season’s fixtures are determined before the beginning of the season. Referees who will be officiating the matches are teachers from the participating schools. Schools presenting referees are required to provide their details to KFL. 

Referees are prohibited from officiating matches involving their schools. In a match, the goals scored by each team and the goal scorers are recorded. A win in a game earns a team 3 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0. A player who violates a football rule during a match earns a penalty card. The penalty card earned is recorded against the player. A team whose opponent fails to honour a fixture is awarded a win of 2 points while the opponent does not earn any point. After every game, a league table is updated based on the results of the match. At the end of the season, 30% of the amount collected as registration fee is awarded to the best three teams in the ratio 3:2:1 respectively. The best team carries the county’s trophy for the season.
The team that earns the lowest number of penalty cards by the end of the season is considered most disciplined. The three most disciplined teams are each awarded a certificate. A team that fails to honour a fixture during the season is not eligible for this award. The three least disciplined teams are reprimanded

Muungano Group Furniture management system

ABC Hotel Management system

ABC Hotel offers accommodation, meals and other services to local and foreign guests. It also offers additional facilities to individuals or groups. The table below shows the amount charged for accommodation ,Half board refers to dinner, bed and breakfast. Additional services may also be provided to guests on request at an extra cost. These services include; meals, laundry, ironing, transport and room service. The meals provided are breakfast, lunch and dinner. Laundry is charged depending on the type of clothes. Ironing is only charged if it is done on clothes that were not washed in the hotel laundry. Transport is charged based on mileage and the type of vehicle used. Room service involves serving meals in guests’ rooms and attracts a service charge of 2% on the cost of the meal. The rates of the main services offered by the hotel are shown below. The hotel provides the following facilities at a fee; conference facilities, sporting facilities, swimming pool and ambulance service. Details about guests are taken when they are booking in. Foreign guests pay 10% above the local rates for all the services and facilities. Payments in cheques or foreign currency attract a commission of 5%. Summaries of transactions are generated daily. Currently, the hotel’s transactions are carried out manually. Develop a computerized system for it


Rehema school is a day secondary school with five streams each in form one, form two, form three and form four. The students’ administrative structure is in three levels; school level, form level and class level. The school level students leadership positions comprise of the head
boy, the head girl, dining hall captain, games captain and the library captain. The form level positions comprise of form captains who are in charge of all the streams in their respective  forms. The class level positions comprise of the class prefects who are in charge of their
respective classes and are answerable to their respective form captains. All the positions are elective and the holders serve for a one year term.
The school elections are held at the beginning of each year. Only form three students are eligible for school level positions. The school level prefects are elected by all the students in the school. A form level captain is elected by all the students in the streams in his/her own
form. A class prefect is elected by members of his/her own class. Those students who intend to vie for the positions are required to be vetted by the school administration. The successful candidates are required to provide their personal details which would be used in the ballot papers. The school level and the form level contestants are vetted by the school administration, while the class level contestants are vetted by their respective
class teachers. One of the requirements in the vetting is that each contestant must have been proposed and seconded by their electorate. Those seeking school level positions are required to be seconded by a student from each class in their respective forms. Those seeking class level
positions are required to be seconded by two students from their respective classes. Elections are carried out in every classroom concurrently, where the respective class teacher presides over the exercise. On the day of the election, the class teachers collect ballot papers
for each of the elective positions for their respective classes. During the polling, students are required to indicate their preference in the ballot papers by placing a tick (√) alongside the candidate of their choice and inserting the ballot papers in their respective ballot boxes.
Counting of votes is carried out in the respective classes and the results are recorded, announced and taken to the tallying centre. At the tallying centre, the form level and the school level vote results from the classes are combined and the total votes for each candidate recorded.
The candidate with the highest number of votes for each post is registered as the winner. The results of the election are forwarded to the school’s principal who then approves and announces the final results.

Movers Transport Management System

Movers is a company that provides transportation for various agricultural goods for farmers between farms and retail outlets. The company transports produce such as cereals, livestock and perishable goods like milk, eggs, fish and flowers. The company also transports farm inputs such
as fertilizers, manure, herbicides, pesticides and seeds for planting to the farms. Large scale farmers register individually as members of the company whereas small scale farmers are required to form groups in order to qualify for membership. A group has a minimum
of five farmers and is recognized by a group name, location, nature of farm produce and details of individual farmers. The group can then order for transport as a unit. 

Drivers are responsible for the vehicles and ensuring that goods reach their destination in good condition.

A driver who commits an offence such as over speeding, overloading, driving while drunk or causes perishable goods to get spoilt due to misconduct is surcharged. A driver is served with a warning letter if surcharged three times in a month. A driver who has been served with a warning

letter and commits an offence is suspended from duty for one month. If a driver is suspended twice within a period of six months, his/her services are terminated. Each vehicle is allocated loaders whenever it is assigned a task. The number of loaders for a

vehicle is based on its type as shown in Table 2.




KCSE 2013


Masomo Bora is a secondary school that offers the 8-4-4 curriculum of education. Each class in the school has two streams.

Every term, the school offers three examinations referred to as opener, mid-term and end-term. For each examination, the total score for each student is computed for all the subjects taken. At the end of the term, the students are ranked based on the average off their totals in the three examinations. The termly average is used to compute the annual average score for each student. All students in Form 1 and Form 2 take eleven subjects while those in form 3 and form 4 take eight subjects. The most improved student in each class is awarded a badge and a book voucher of a value equivalent to that awarded to the 2nd best student in their class. To determine the most improved student, the difference between opener and mid – term totals and that between mid-term and end – term totals are considered. Students who leave the school before the end of the term are not considered for awards. Those who join the school after some examinations have been taken are considered for awards on the basis of the examinations take. At the end of each term, each student is issued with a report form for the three examinations to take to their guardians. Students who score a termly average below 40% are required to attend remedial classes. At the end of the year, students with the highest annual average score for the year in form 1, form 2 and form 3 have their fees for subsequent years waived. The stream with the highest mean annual score in the entire school and their class teacher are sponsored for a trip. Download the database below:-

The below section consists of one project database , coffee farmers management system using Microsoft Access database. Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish

The below section consists of four projects databases , Hr management system , Hospital management system, Incidents reporting system and EPOS sales module. Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish.

The below section consists of four projects databases , Rent management system , Ranking management system, Reminder’s  and and real estate demo management system. Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish.

The below section consists of four projects databases , Barber and salon management system , Village census management system, Incidents reporting system , Voters pro Database , Tractors Lending Database. Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish.

The below section consists of four projects databases , Video lending management system , Stock updates management system, Progress bar system and VBA advanced filtering codes. Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish.

The below section consists of four projects databases ,User login  management system , class lesson plans management system, Event booking system and School fees MIS. Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish.

The below section consists of four projects databases , Fleet management system , Cluster Calculator management system, Clubs and societies system and E banking module. Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish.

The below section consists of four projects databases , Duties allocator management system , Clinic management system, DATEIIF system and Control structures. Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish.

The below section consists of four projects databases , IIF function and textboxes  management system , Disable shift key, Interviews shortlist MIS system and LIBARY module. Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish.

The below section consists of four projects databases ,School  management system , Five installments fees management system, self help group MIS  system and Login screen database. Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish.

The below section consists of four projects databases , BUS Booking management system , Car parking management system, Check in check out reporting system and Car rental module. Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish

The below section consists of four projects databases , Merry go round contributions management system , Church register management system, arrays in Ms Access . Its free to download the databases and edit them as you wish