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Visual basic 6.0 and dotnet projects Downloads

The following downloads includes, Pharmacy management system using visual basic 6.0 , Flight management system using vb 6.0 , Attendance management system , Bus booking system and other projects in vb.

Attendance management system is aimed at capturing students daily lessons attendance to enable the tutor or lecturer to calculate average attendances, Bus booking system allows the bus owners to capture bus details.

The student profile management system is a project, that allows you to capture students details like admission number, Name, Class and other details like photograph then records the details for future references.

Below is incidents reporting system , web application using html, css, jquery and php

About the project

The project, titled Web Incidents Reporting System for Kenya Wildlife service, is a web based system that will enable the general public to report to Kenya Wildlife service the incidents that have happened such as poaching and ivory smuggling using the web. It will also enable incidents monitoring giving well detailed and summarized reports about incidents that have been reported in the past will be required to register in order to be able to use the system. Other authorized users such as area chiefs can also register and use the system.

The public will also be able to report but their information will only be available in the system after it has been reviewed by a senior administrator of the system. It will capture all the details pertaining to an incident such as the game park, the game reserves, animals involved number and the cause of the alarm. It will give reports of such information as the number of poachers in a specified period of time, the number of the animals killed or injured.

Download the project below:-

Alphabest lot managements system in VB 6.0

Alphabest lot managements system is a system which has been developed precisely to be used in the parking department of Alphabest mall. This system has been developed in order to automate the parking lot from manual system. This decison was made in order to automate lot assignments and solve insecurity issues in the parking bay. 

This system has been developed to used only by trained authorized parking attendants() in the parking department.Normally the process will be initiated when the client approaches the parking bay(gate) and requests authorization to park ,whereby the attendee will request for customer details (customer name ,contacts, and place of residence),afterwards the employee will request car details(Car number plate,model,color ),Then the attendant will make sure the vehicle being assigned the lot has initiated payment which will be determined by  Lot size and type assigned. After that quick process the attendant will navigate to the main form to confirm booking and input date and time the vehicle was parked and update .A customer will be issued with a ticket number cointaining the lot assigned to the client.

When the customer wants to unpark his/her vehicle ,the attendant will request the customer to provide a ticket number which will be crosschecked with the system through the search record icon , if the positive the client will be allowed to leave whereby the attendant will change the lot status to vacant and also input time out and date if not he/she will be withheld for further investigations.

The system will also provide reports such as the attendant can be able to pull a sales report of the vehicles parked and amount made which will be used by managers and admins to make decisions. On the same note the system can also provide a report of vacant lots (lots not assigned to any vehicles) and occupied lots (lot that have been allocated to vehicles which are yet to sign out).

Alphabest mall applied the use of observation as a fact finding technique, this is due to the fact that it was achievable to either participate in or observe a person perform activities to learn about the system and identify the major stages that requires improvement as well as change . In regards to observation the developer was deployed at the entrance whereby he observed and took notes during the parking process.

Download the project for free below:-